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Our Story

Blue Ridge Cellars was established in 2011 with the mission to share the local wines, ciders and beers from

 North Georgia vineyards and breweries. 

Before 2011, Blue Ridge and Fannin County, GA was considered  a dry county, meaning wine, beer and cider could not be sold, served, or brewed.  

After the local community voted to change the ordinances regulating the sale and serving of wine and beer, Blue Ridge Cellars opened in June 2011 at 500 East Main Street in downtown Blue Ridge.  

A lot has happened since 2011.  A few more wineries and breweries have  opened in the surrounding counties.  We strive to carry and serve the local crafts and wines when available. 

Fannin County is still considered "dry" and no alcohol sales are allowed 

outside of the city.  

We hope that you will stop into Blue Ridge Cellars soon for a wine or beer tasting, package wine and beer,  some great local gourmet foods, cheeses and hard ciders.

North Georgia Vineyards

North Georgia soil is very similar to Sonoma, Ca, therefore many European varietals can grow and thrive in our climate and area. The following grape vines can be grown in North Georgia:


Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Franc


Vidal Blanc

Pinot Grigio

In addition to the above varietals, we are also able to grow  the famous 

Norton and Muscadine.

When visiting Blue Ridge and North Georgia

stop in to Blue Ridge Cellars and try some new wines from the local vineyards.

North Georgia is home to many new vineyards and breweries. With the changing economic climate more entrepreneurs are opening sustainable and varied types of businesses that help promote the local economy.  

Blue Ridge Cellars is proud to be a part of that growth. We invite you to experience the wines, craft beers, hard and non-alcoholic ciders, cheeses, honey, olive oils and other grown-in-Georgia products.  We carry many locally made products in our retail section.

There are many local farms that grow and sell fresh vegetables and fruits  and many have opened tasting rooms.

 Please support our local economy by visiting us in downtown Blue Ridge.  

We appreciate your support!

Here is our pick of Vineyards that we like to visit for an afternoon or lunch in North Georgia:

Kaya Vineyard, Cottages and Spa

Wolf Mountain Winery and Vineyards

Engleheim Vineyards

Crane Creek Winery and Vineyards

Tiger Mountain  Winery and Vineyards

Customer Review

Enjoyed this quaint place, which has a great selection of craft beers, wines and even flavored olive oils and vinagars. We also had a yummy flatbread on the dog-friendly patio!

"Jessika K" November 2019